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Sustainable aquaculture

For generations, Norway has cultivated a rich tradition of delivering top-tier seafood to the world.

As global demand for sustainable seafood surges, the future of food production will undoubtedly feature aquaculture as a central pillar.

Norway possesses the ideal conditions for aquaculture, leveraging decades of expertise and infrastructure. Norwegian innovations have sustainability at their core, encompassing eco-friendly aquaculture practices and cutting-edge fish health monitoring systems.

To address the pressing global demand for protein, we must champion innovative technologies in the following key areas:

  1. Environmental stewardship: There is a vast national and global market for solutions that not only mitigate environmental damage but also reduce the ecological footprint, including measures to combat escapes.
  2. Disease management: Sustained production growth necessitates robust solutions to tackle lice and other diseases while safeguarding fish health.
  3. Advancing aquaculture methods: Pioneering the development of land-based and exposed/offshore aquaculture technologies.
  4. Enhance fish welfare: industry and authorities place importance on fish welfare
  5. Sustainable feed: Utilizing feeds from environmentally responsible sources with low emissions.
  6. Cost-efficiency and sustainability: Promoting solutions that not only cut costs but also elevate sustainability practices.

Norway has solidified its role as a leader in sustainable aquaculture technologies. However, there is ample space for fresh ideas and new participants in this thriving ecosystem. Invest in Rogaland is poised to facilitate your market entry into the dynamic world of aquaculture. Join us in steering the course of sustainable seafood production in Norway, and be part of a brighter, more responsible future.

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