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Key Industries

The energy transition happens here

The region's history is deeply tied to the sea and marked by innovation and opportunism. While its maritime connection has remained constant, the way it is harnessed has transformed over time. In recent decades, the predominant focus has been on the oil and gas industry, including subsea technology. The green shift represents new opportunities, building on the skills and technology in our maritime energy industry.

Onshore, the landscape is also dominated by industry and innovation. We've harnessed the potential of hydroelectric power plants to generate significant green energy. Energy that process-industry use for new value creation.

Similarly, in agriculture, we're striving for efficiency and improvement through adoption of technology.

These diverse sectors intersect, fostering collaboration among vibrant tech communities within the maritime and energy industries and beyond. This convergence has led to groundbreaking innovations, such as new materials, greenhouse gas capture technology, and advanced fish farming techniques.

As we look to the future, we welcome collaboration with those who share our vision. We're open to new perspectives, seeking out opportunities we might have overlooked. Our focus is on addressing challenges and opportunities in the green transition, ultimately aiming to benefit from it.

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Offshore wind

Rogaland, a leading offshore wind hub with vast ocean areas, welcomes renewable energy companies, offering decades of expertise.

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Green maritime

 Combining maritime excellence with sustainability, Rogaland is a prime location for eco-friendly shipping and maritime tech ventures.

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Rogaland, known for its pristine waters and aquaculture expertise, fosters sustainable growth in the seafood industry.

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Rogaland pioneers CCUS technologies, providing innovative carbon reduction solutions for sustainable industries.

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Renowned for battery production, Rogaland offers an eco-friendly ecosystem for advanced energy storage companies.

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Data centers

Rogaland's robust infrastructure and green commitment make it ideal for secure and efficient data centers.

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With abundant renewable resources, Rogaland is a hub for hydrogen production, attracting businesses in the hydrogen economy.

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Smart cities

Rogaland leads in smart city development, offering a dynamic environment for urban innovation and sustainability.

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Rogaland's agritech expertise and technology create opportunities for sustainable agricultural solutions and innovation.