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Doing business in Rogaland

If you have something to bring to the table, and utilise our comparative advantages, business in Rogaland is easy, efficient and profitable. 




Norway has a high level of political and social stability with a strong focus on digitalization of processes and keeping an open economy, consistently ranking among the top countries on the world for both resiliency and ease of doing business. Rogaland has a particularly high rate of export, making it the perfect base to both access a strong local market and taking part in global exports of technology.


The Norwegian workforce has a reputation for being expensive. The wise business developer will investigate further and find an extremely efficient workforce. Our flat structure combined with the high qualifications of both skilled workers, engineers, technicians and managers creates an efficient system where problems are solved at the lowest possible level. Rogaland is ranked as the most competent region in Norway, and is the only region that manages to excel on having a workforce with large supply of both skilled vocational workers and university educated professionals.


Companies in Rogaland consistently ranks among the most profitable in Norway. This is partly due to the high value creation in the oil and gas sector, but Rogaland holds a diverse industrial structure where other sectors contribute significantly to value-creation. There is a strong environment for entrepreneurship and innovation in the region, with a high density of industry clusters and a culture of collaboration across companies and sectors.



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Norway has a full range of public funding programmes for businesses. These range from small scale initiatives for accelerating startups to large investments through state and EU funding. Added up, the soft funding available is substantial, but the support is spread across a number of different public funding mechanisms across different sectors. The common denominators are a strong focus on innovation, research and new green technologies. Invest in Rogaland can assist you in the navigation and identify suitable funding programmes for your operation.



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