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Living in Rogaland

With its high standard of living, abundant natural beauty, emphasis on an outdoor lifestyle, low crime rate, universal healthcare, and reputation as an excellent place to raise a family, Norway presents an enticing opportunity, and Rogaland has it all. 

Milosz Mazur, originally from Poland, moved to Rogaland, Norway, for its breathtaking nature and mountains. Inspired by friends enjoying the outdoors during the pandemic, he found work in technology, embraced a new life in Nedre Vats, and appreciates the relaxed pace, safety, and quality of life Norway offers.



Marijn and Arjan van den Akker, from The Netherlands, relocated to Haugesund, Norway, in search of better work-life balance. Both doctors, they were eager to create a better family life for their children. Their encounter with Haugesund's hospital recruiters convinced them to make the move. They now enjoy leaving work early to spend quality time with their kids, appreciating the warm and friendly atmosphere in Norway.


Rachel Duncan and her husband sought adventure in Stavanger, Norway, after falling in love with the country during a 2019 visit. They valued the Norwegian focus on work-life balance and the warm, welcoming culture. Rachel found her role as a Financial Analyst at Vårgrønn, a renewable energy company, particularly exciting. In contrast to the demanding work hours back in England, she appreciates the balanced lifestyle in Norway and enjoys the countryside living just 40 minutes from work in the city.