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Cultivating sustainable solutions

Rogaland is proud to be a food region, and one of the leading agricultural regions of Norway. In particular there is a strong focus on technological development in automation and energy solutions. Notably, Rogaland contributes significantly to Norway's tomato and cucumber production, with 90% of these crops originating from its innovative greenhouses. 

Rogaland offers proven technologies for greenhouse production using CO2 harvesters in combination with energy efficient solutions for hydro-based power for lighting and heating, leading to a net-negative value chain. Process industries use a highly skilled workforce to find new sustainable solutions for production of both proteins and carbohydrates. 

The ecosystem in Rogaland places a strong emphasis on precision agriculture, resource optimization, and sustainable food production. This approach positions Rogaland to tackle global challenges, including food security and environmental conservation. 

Whether you are an established player in the field or an emerging innovator in agritech, Rogaland provides a dynamic environment where collaboration, research, and the development of next-generation agricultural solutions are encouraged. This environment is well-suited to meet the evolving needs of a changing world. 

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