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Green Maritime

Green maritime

Rogaland: A Hub for Green Maritime Opportunities

Rogaland, traditionally known for its prowess in the oil and gas sector, stands at the forefront of a transformative maritime shift. The region boasts a rich maritime heritage and a penchant for seizing opportunities. Today, Rogaland embraces the challenges of a shifting market by harnessing technological innovation to pioneer new business avenues.


At present, Rogaland's comprehensive ocean-based value chain is at the forefront of market-proven decarbonizing solutions. By emphasizing research and development (R&D) to reduce emissions and costs, this region is primed for success. The Norwegian market, with a strong demand for carbon reduction, offers an ideal playground for Rogaland-based companies to develop export-ready solutions. A prime example is the world's first fully electric fast ferry, designed in Rogaland, which achieved a 70% reduction in engineering costs through modular design.

Despite its existing strengths, there is always room for new entrants in Rogaland's maritime sector. The region's competitive edge lies in its ability to attract businesses, talent, and capital that bring fresh perspectives to the table.


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Invest in Rogaland is ready to assist your company in entering the Norwegian market, whether to access local opportunities or become a part of the export-oriented maritime value chain. Key benefits of investing in Norway include ease of doing business, a highly productive workforce, purchasing power, access to the European Economic Area (EEA), and a stable regulatory regime with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, Rogaland and Norway offer extensive support and funding schemes to foster innovation in the maritime industry. Public and private entities collaborate to drive the green transition, making it easier for businesses to develop and market sustainable solutions.

Market opportunities in Rogaland

Test infrastructure
National catapult centers provide state-of-the-art testing facilities, equipment, and expertise to bring innovative ideas to the market. Sustainable Energy, Future Materials, Manufacturing Technologies, Digicat, and Ocean Innovation are among the centers available. National test seabeds for autonomous operations also offer unique testing opportunities
Norway is home to the world's largest offshore fleet, and there is a strong focus on reducing emissions in this sector. Companies are planning to build new vessels, particularly for offshore wind operations, in response to government emissions requirements
Shortsea freight

The short-sea cargo sector is undergoing fleet renewal, offering substantial opportunities. Public authorities are pushing for greener operations, making it a market in transition.

Passenger Transport
Norway is a global leader in green ferries and cruises, offering opportunities for vessels operating on fixed schedules. Stringent zero-emission requirements are driving the adoption of sustainable technologies.
Green fuelling

A growing demand for green shipping fuels, along with the government's support, provides opportunities for new value chains in fuel production and distribution, including hydrogen and sustainable fueling solutions.


Centuries of marine heritage 

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